President /Minister of Music

Greetings to you in the extraordinary name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. What an honor it is to have you as a member of this great music ministry. Welcome to the greatest ministry in the Jurisdiction! As you embark on this journey with the Texas Northeast Fourth Jurisdiction Music Department, I pray that you will be encouraged in your walk with God as we sing praises to Him.


Your faithfulness to the choir, as well as your obedience to those in leadership roles is essential to the development and growth of the music ministry. Discipline, order, and structure are also needed in the body of Christ, but most of all, the anointing is what makes the difference in being effective in ministry.


As you read this Manual, know that its purpose is to organize and prepare you for Music Ministry on a greater level. We must become more diverse and accessible in ministry participation; while developing and upholding a standard of spiritual and musical excellence. Spiritual more than musical. My greatest prayer is that this Manual will be used as resource of encouragement to help build your local and district choirs. When we have strong local and district choirs- we will have a stronger Jurisdictional Choir.


In other words, we want as many people, as God calls, to experience the blessings of using their talents and gifts for His glory. Yes, it’s time intensive, and yes, we are setting the bar high. But I am confident that we will rise to this occasion.

To Bishop Nathiel Wells, thank you so much for this opportunity to serve in this great jurisdiction. I am very humbled and I promise to uphold your arms just as Aaron and Hur did for Moses, for each time his arms were held up, they won the battle! Texas Northeast Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction will win and strive for excellence to ensure an anointed and effective music department that will embrace our roles as Levitical priests.


Levites- always remember the essential element in ministry is our relationship with God. It is the anointing that makes us effective in ministry; without a close relationship with the Lord, we will NOT be effective regardless of our musical skills. Music ministry is a team ministry, and I thank God for the extraordinary team that I will serve with during my term as Jurisdictional Minister of Music.


May God forever keep a song in your heart and a praise on your lips as you persevere for excellence in music ministry. 

Bridgette M. Plater

Dr. Judith Christie McAllister

International President/Minister of Music

Church of God in Christ, Worldwide

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